Bulgarian Child exists to impact the lives of
institutionalized and impoverished children in Bulgaria
by compassionately meeting their basic needs.

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Borovtsi Training & Transition Center

Bulgarian Child, Inc was chartered in Tennessee as a non-profit organization in January of 2001.  Its purpose  is to help meet needs of the thousands of children living in state-run institutions in Bulgaria . Some of these needs are very basic: food, clothing, heating, medicine. Other needs may be more specific: surgery, special needs equipment, supplementary personnel in the homes, training programs, etc.    

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Fall 2008

Bulgarian Child Cares:


  • BCI delivers food, cleaning supplies and toiletries to 20 orphanages 3 times a year!
  • BCI funds emergency needs: heating fuel, medicines, and equipment repair.

  • BCI furnishes blankets, sheets, and mattresses.
  • BCI distributes clothing and new shoes throughout the year.

  • BCI buys new washers and dryers.
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Bulgarian Child Teaches:
  • BCI funds a special education teacher and physical therapist in some of the homes, as well as additional staff.

  • BCI finds sources for wheelchairs and other needed equipment.

  • BCI provides necessary supplies for school-age children.

  • BCI gives vocational training in woodworking, hair styling and animal husbandry through a partnership with Heifer International.

  • BCI organizes seminars for orphanage directors in child development and learning techniques..

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Bulgarian Child Builds:
  • BCI has installed showers & indoor toilets.

  • BCI has remodeled kitchens/cafeterias.
  • BCI has installed new heating systems in several orphanges.

  • BCI has built playgrounds to create playspace for children.

  • BCI recently built a 440sq.m. building complete with a new kitchen, 2 cafeteria/study rooms, toilets and showers, a laundry, computer lab, emergency shelter, offices.

Borovtsi Video (2002)  (8176KB)
BCI Promotional Video (2001)  (14375KB)