Samantha Chapman lives in Texas and goes to Williams Trace Baptist Church, a long-time supporter and trusted partner of Bulgarian Child. After hearing the stories of the work happening through Bulgarian Child, Samantha had an idea.

In April of 2008, Samantha wanted to do a lemonade stand for the mission in Bulgaria, and her parents suggested she do it at their community garage sale. She sold mostly hot chocolate and cookies at the sale because it was so cold. Total money raised was around $165.

At the garage sale, the family met an older lady named Mary, who said she wanted more cookies. So Samantha and Melissa started making more for her to sell to her clients. Samantha and Melissa have made around 2000 cookies (+/-200) so far for this lady, a substantial number of pies (~30) and some breads.

Mary knows the proceeds of all of the sales go to the mission, so she donated the 80 lbs block of cheese in hopes to raise more money for this effort.

Now, Melissa has taken on a lot of the work while the kids do homeschool, but Samantha generally helps Mom, when she can, on the cookies. Melissa pretty well does all of the pies and breads herself.

For Christmas, Mary has already given an order for 100 pies within a week of Christmas! Samantha's family will be helping Melissa and Samantha all that cookie dough made.