Approximately 300 teens in Bulgaria are dismissed from government run institutions every year.

These disadvantaged youths have few options. They have no families on whom they can rely. They often lack the most basic life skills. Many of them have attained only a very low level of education and few have personal discipline or job skills. They possess limited knowledge of how to find a job or live on their own. They have no home, no support system, and no place to go!

The purpose of the BTTC is to provide a short-term, residential, work/study program for previously institutionalized youth where they will learn life, social, and vocational skills needed to achieve independent living. Participants will receive the emotional and spiritual support, education, and vocational training to empower them to find direction for their lives and hope for their future. The students will be assisted in locating appropriate housing and employment after completion of their program.

The comprehensive program provided by the BTTC consists of four elements:

(1) living and learning center,
(2) life skills and job readiness education,
(3) vocational training
(4) individual development/goals achievement.

Each element contributes to the success of resident participants. In addition to the life and vocational skills training, participants will be taught skills necessary to sustain the physical plant of the training center, such as cooking, cleaning, grounds-keeping, minor repairs, and maintenance.


The program will focus on three primary areas of development:

1. Social/personal skills. Students will learn:

  • Appropriate personal grooming habits and care for lodging
  • Forms of culturally-accepted manners/conversation skills
  • Moral standards and solid principles of integrity

2. Practical living skills. Participants will learn how to:

  • Perform household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry
  • Develop personal budgets and manage money
  • Open a bank account and Internet account
  • Make normal transactions and payments (e.g. cell phone, utilities)

3. Vocational skills. Initially, training will focus in these areas:

  • Gardening/landscaping
  • Agro-business
  • Carpentry and light repair
  • Skills related to the hospitality industry


The BTTC offers a twelve- to eighteen-month residential program for previously institutionalized or at-risk young men. Participation the first year is expected to be limited to 15 youths. A full capacity of 45 participants should be reached by the third year of operation. About two-thirds of the program participants are from institutions for children without parental care. The program strives to integrate a number of capable young men from homes for the handicapped also. Their first step into full integration is to learn to live, work, and study in the environment of the training center alongside program participants without physical or mental limitations


In December 2009 Bulgarian Child, Inc. (BCI) purchased a former orphanage facility on five acres of land in northwest Bulgaria near Berkovitsa. Renovation and construction will be extensive and quite expensive. There is a great need for construction teams to help with this renovation. Other volunteers are needed for landscaping and gardening.

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Walk-through Video by Andrew Ridgway:



Thanks To:

The Texas Baptist Men Retired Builders have made furniture for the first floor dormitory rooms!
The furniture is solid wood and beautifully crafted. The furniture is durable, beautiful and functional.This was a labor of love. Each room will have two standard twin beds that can be stacked as bunkbeds, 2 desks, and a large wardrobe that is divided into two sections for each youth to have his own personal storage space.

Bulgarian Child is also very grateful to Pastor Phil Lineberger and the Williams Trace Baptist Church of Sugarland, Texas for sponsoring this project by purchasing the needed lumber.

The Quilters of Towne View Baptist Church in Kennesaw, Georgia have provided quilts for each of the beds in the BTCC. Many thanks for their efforts!


In 2009 BCI received a generous grant from the Americans for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) to assist in the renovation and launch of the BTTC:


The America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF) assists in the development and growth of a vibrant private sector for the benefit of a free and democratic Bulgaria.  Founded in 2008, the ABF is a successor to the Bulgarian American Enterprise Fund, an investment fund created by the U.S. government acting through the U.S. Agency for International Development.  The grants provided by ABF will build on the legacy of goodwill and friendship that exists between the American people and the citizens of Bulgaria.  


Фондация „Америка за България” подпомага развитието и растежа на динамичен частен сектор в полза на свободна и демократична България.  Основана през 2008 фодина, Фондацията е наследник на Българо-американския инвестиционен фонд, създаден от Правителството на САЩ чрез Американската агенция за международно развитие.   Грантовете, които Фондация „Америка за България” предоставя, продължават отношенията на доброжелателство и приятелство между народите на САЩ и България. 

BCI relies on donations from individuals, businesses, churches, and other charity organizations to meet its budget. In order to meet the financial needs to begin and sustain the BTTC, BCI depends on individuals, other foundations, and church groups to supply most of the material items needed to equip the BTTC.

BCI Needs Your Help:

Skilled volunteer laborers are needed to complete the remodeling of this facility. For detailed information on the way you can help, contact Judy Ridgway at

If you want to help financially with the development of the BTTC, please click here or "Support" from the menu. Please designate all contributions intended for this project as "BTTC" in the memo line.

You can now donate securely online via PayPal as well!


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